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Ramona Coveny
In an article published in 2006 by VWCC (Virginia Western Community College), Roanoke, Virginia, titled Western Virginia StudentsTransfer Creativity to Real-World Business, Virginia Western alumni are already privy to some of the innovative and exciting solutions VWCC continuously delivers to its students and the community. It's the reason more and more students -- of all ages and backgrounds -- are choosing its invigorating path. So, it's not surprising VWCC students -- and an area business -- recently benefited from yet one more inventive initiative.

According to Michael A. Womack, PMP, owner of Adesso Promotions, a project management and technology solutions company, attending Virginia Western was a "life-changing experience that stuck with me and changed the course of my life." So when he and Frank Dees, adjunct profesor at Western and owner of Dee's Consulting, teamed up to help Safety and Compliance Services of Roanoke create a web presence for their training programs, it seemed like a logical succession to involve VWCC students.

This was the beginning of what today is Experi-Ed Learning Concepts and continues to be a valuable resource to educators and learners, not only at VWCC, but also to the VCCS (Virginia Community College System), which comprises 23 community colleges that collectively provide a gateway to higher education opportunity.

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