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Experi-ED Learning Concepts, established in June 2006, is a service based, not-for profit organization initially formed and funded in part by the NSF (National Science Foundation) through the VCCS (Virginia Community College System) to facilitate a pilot project implemented to enhance the learning of students in local area community colleges.
Our vision is to be the preeminent provider of experiential learning opportunities using innovative and enhanced learning models.
Our mission is to create closer ties between business and education communities for economic and workforce development using experiential learning models.
Our goals for achieving this mission include providing innovative and enhanced learning opportunities to students in all age groups and their educators using problem solving and project-based learning (PBL) scenarios that link business and education communities together to produce real-life learning experiences for participating learners.

What we do: Business projects are identified, researched, defined, and integrated into the course curriculum of local academic institutions, where students apply the knowledge and skills learned from their classroom learning experience to produce a workable solution performed for a real-life business project and/or problem, which results in an experiential or ‘real-life’ learning experience.


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